Our Story

The Maxint LTD company was born in London at the end of 2016 with the aim of bringing innovations to the world of hosting, a service designed for different types of customers, able to meet the needs of each person while maintaining an adequate budget, but without renounce professionalism and reliability. The company's philosophy is to be able to keep as many active services as possible with the lowest environmental and economic impact. We use low energy consumption technologies, for example all our internal stations, as well as some of the projects developed for our customers, use ARM technologies capable of operating with a few Watts, this guarantees not only low energy consumption, but also a consequent significant savings in terms of dissipation, CO2 consumption and much more.
It is very important for us to be present, but without making noise.

Management policy

High Quality

One of our fundamental points is precisely the high quality, we only choose the datacenters that can provide the best and reliable service, because it is important for us to always be there.

No overselling

It is very important to know that we only sell what we actually have, we do not like to fill the servers as much as possible to save money by creating problems for our customers.

Maximum transparency

We can imagine how annoying hidden costs or unspoken things can be, that's why we try to simplify our contracts a lot, so that they can be simple to understand and do not create headaches.

No lie

We care about honesty, so all our uptimes are public, everyone can see if one of our servers has any problems or if our network is overloaded. Users have the right to know everything about them at any time.

Absolute freedom

When you buy one of our services it is not "Until death do us part...", because ours is a contract, certainly not a marriage. So you will be free to leave whenever you want, at any time, without restrictions and without penalties.

Beware of the rules

Our limit is not legality, but morality. We are not interested in any way to break the rules to support illegal content, this respects our customers, as well as the law, avoiding risks and ensuring the continuity of services without fear.

Our team

Cristian Salvo Leonardi
CEO & Founder

Computer science is certainly one of my greatest passions, I have been cultivating it for many years and it is my goal in life.
Although I was born in Giarre, a small town facing east of Sicily, I had the opportunity, from an early age, to be connected to the internet.
Right at the beginning of my adolescence I discovered the hosting world and I had already decided that this should be my future job.
Over the years I have also learned to program and have gained experience in various companies, many of which are still my customers.